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Caste and the Technology Sector: A Conversation with Anil Wagde and Raghav Kaushik

May 18, 2021

On Thursday, May 13, the South Asia Center welcomed Anil Wagde (Ambedkar International Center) and Raghav Kaushik for a virtual panel on casteism and its manifestations in India and the United States. After brief remarks from each of the speakers, the audience chimed in with their own questions about recent legal cases addressing caste discrimination, attitudes about caste in the diaspora, and how to combat caste discrimination in the United States. The event was well-attended, leading to a critical and generative discussion among faculty, graduate students, colleagues from other universities, and members of the greater Seattle community.

Anil Wagde works with the Ambedkar International Center and is currently leading the efforts in several caste discrimination cases, including the Cisco case filed in California’s superior court.

Raghav Kaushik is a Seattle-based community activist and software engineer at Microsoft.

To learn more about caste discrimination in South Asia and abroad, explore this Caste 101 presentation from the Ambedkar International Center.

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