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Call for Papers: Workshop on Migration and Health – Perspectives from South Asia

July 3, 2023

Workshop on Migration & Health: Perspectives from South Asia
October 12 – 13, 2023
Seattle, Washington

Brief description:

Human migration is a defining issue of our time and is increasingly recognized as a global public health priority. Migration has long been linked to the transmission of diseases and health risks, especially in the era of epidemics which do not respect international borders. Scholarship on health and migration has examined the social, political, and economic production of diseases and their interaction with processes of migration, transit, legal status, and migrants’ incorporation into the places to which they migrate, over time – as well as their effects on the places of origin.

The South Asian region is home to billions of people, as well as the source and destination of a substantial proportion of migrants globally. There are many similarities between the migration patterns and health vulnerabilities of the different countries in this region. While there are numerous country case studies about migration throughout the region, few efforts have integrated knowledge across the region. Understanding the similarities that combine to create a regional migration system and the differences between countries and micro-regions within countries can advance academic and policy-relevant research far more than research on each country in isolation.

The University of Washington’s Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology and the South Asia Center invite you to submit extended abstracts for a workshop that showcases emerging work on the causes and types of migration and the health consequences of migration across the countries of South Asia. For participants, this workshop seeks to catalyse relationships among academics around the world to create opportunities for future collaborations.

Submission guidelines:

We encourage scholarly work based on quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic analyses of the thematic areas listed below or other topics related to health and migration, more broadly. Work on any individual country within the region or comparative studies across countries is welcome. We will accept extended abstracts of 2-3 pages that include research objectives, methodology, research gap or significance, and major findings- either tables, graphs, or descriptions.

  1. Labour migration; health screening and deportation, segmented labour markets, conjugated oppression and its health effects, invisible health risks
  2. Epidemics and migration; border controls, ‘healthy carriers’ and vectors of disease; the violence of transit
  3. Gender, migration, and health; reproduction; sexuality
  4. Transnationalism and, social remittances; transnational migrant and diaspora investment in health
  5. Diaspora and disease; identity claims and health care resources, multicultural accommodation
  6. Health workforce and migration; brain drain and assimilation in health systems, return migrants
  7. Undocumented migration; human trafficking, sex work, domestic labour; abuse, embodied vulnerability and health-related undeservingness
  8. Refugees; asylum seeking, and biolegitimacy

To submit a paper to the workshop, please send your extended abstract, name, title, and institution to by July 31, 2023. We will inform you if your paper is selected for presentation by August 16, 2023.

A limited number of travel grants are available for graduate students and scholars from low- and middl-income countries. Please indicate in your email whether you wish to be considered for a travel grant.

Workshop Organizing Committee:
Drs. Sarfraz Khan and Nathalie Williams
Department of Sociology, Jackson School of International Studies, & South Asia Center University of Washington, Seattle USA

Sponsored by the UW Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology and South Asia Center