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Task Force Student Q&A: Rhosie Hipolito

April 10, 2024

Rhosie Hipolito

Rhosie Hipolito

In winter quarter 2024, 50 international studies and global and regional studies students plus two other Social Science majors completed the Jackson School’s Donald C. Hellmann Task Force Program, a capstone course that involves eight weeks of research, writing and group collaboration on a current global issue. Student-led and guided by faculty, the program culminates during Task Force Evaluation Day, when each Task Force presents to an external, senior-level foreign policymaker.

Name: Rhosie Hipolito
Expected to graduate in: Spring 2025
Major: Global and Regional Studies
Task Force Title: Averting War: Taiwan and US-China Relations
Task Force Instructor: James Lin
Hometown: Kent, WA

What has been your favorite Task Force experience?
My favorite Task Force experience was when the group was brainstorming to figure out what the cover image should be. Many ideas were being introduced on how we wanted it to look like. When I first heard of Task Force, I was told that this class goes fast because of the time constraints of writing so much, and they were right. This quarter flew by.

What key skill do you think the Task Force program gives?
Due to the time constraints of the Task Force program, you learn the importance and the utilization of time management. Every week, you must get your draft which contains roughly 5-10 pages of information. The first week of writing is especially daunting because you need to get a basic understanding of the whole topic while becoming more knowledgeable in your specific subsection. The Task Force program has given me more interest in learning about the East-Asian/Pacific region as these issues are not easy to solve. They make you think of creative, practical solutions to these issues.

What career are you interested in pursuing after graduation?
I’m interested in pursuing Foreign Service and possibly, participating in research pertaining to U.S. international relations.