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Task Force Q&A: Mia Devins

June 10, 2024

In spring quarter 2024, 19 international studies and global and regional studies majors and one European studies major completed the Jackson School’s Donald C. Hellmann Task Force Program, a capstone course that involved eight weeks of research, writing and group collaboration on a current global issue. Student-led and guided by faculty, the program culminates during Task Force Evaluation Day, when each Task Force presents to an external, senior-level foreign policymaker.

Name: Mia Devins
Expected to graduate in: Spring 2024
Major: International Studies: European Studies
Hometown: San Diego, California

Task Force Title: Countering the Illiberal Drift In Europe: Assessing Regional Politics and Citizen Action Partners
Task Force Instructor: Sabine Lang

What has been your favorite Task Force experience?
My favorite Task Force experience was the Task Force dinner, where we were able to enjoy and celebrate with our Task Force members, professors, esteemed evaluators and Jackson School faculty. All the people involved with this process have been the highlight of this experience, especially our evaluator, who’s involvement really motivated our success and professionalism, and faculty, who guided us along the way.

Advice to prospective Jackson School majors?
I would advise that one of the core lessons in the International Studies major has been leadership. Of course I’ve learned so much about culture, politics, and more, but my favorite things I’ve done in the Jackson School have involved putting myself out there for leadership roles like being the editor of my Task force and Euro Club president. I love that these experiences will stick with my and benefit me through many different fields and career paths.

What career are you interested in pursuing after graduation?
I’m really interested in leadership throughout many different fields. Eventually I would really like to work abroad in the Foreign Service, but prior to that I’d like to gain leadership and project management experience in the travel industry.