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Q&A with Robert Pekkanen on his new co-authored edition of The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems

January 27, 2021

Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems by Robert PekkanenOn February 5, 2021, Oxford University Press will publish the first paperback edition of “The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems,” a book co-edited by Jackson School Professor Robert Pekkanen, also an adjunct professor at the Departments of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Washington.

Learn more in this January 20, 2021 interview with Pekkanen by UW News and other upcoming books on electoral systems and Japan politics.

The book addresses electoral systems around the world and their consequences. This book engages with essential issues such as representation, gender, voter turnout and social diversity. It also features a section on “Holding Elections” including in-the-news topics such as election administration and electoral integrity, and provides detailed analyses of the electoral systems in several countries, including the United States.

The Handbook was originally published in hardback cover in April 2018, also by Oxford University Press.


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