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Canadian Studies Center featured for Inuktitut language training // Inuktitut Magazine

January 9, 2020

UW FLAS Fellows in Inuktitut, spring quarter 2019

UW FLAS Fellows in Inuktitut, spring quarter 2019

Inuktitut Magazine, the magazine for the national Inuit organization in Canada, highlights the Jackson School’s Canadian Studies Center as “the only institution below the 49th parallel that offers Inuktitut training, allowing southern researchers to learn language skills that can help them better understand and communicate with Inuit Nunangat communities,” or the only institution in the lower 48 or contiguous states offering Inuktitut training.

The article titled “Inuktitut Sijaatumi” (Translation: Inuktitut in Seattle) explores Inuktitut courses in the Jackson School with quotes by Nadine Fabbi, Managing Director of the Canadian Studies Center, and UW Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship recipients in Inuktitut, an initiative supported by the Center’s Title VI federal grant. The educational materials mentioned in the article are supported by both the Canadian Studies Center and Center for Global Studies, both housed in the Jackson School.
Full PDF of Inkutitut Magazine