Nadine Fabbi

Co-Lead, Arctic and International Relations Initiative, Managing Director Canadian Studies, Henry M . Jackson School of International Studies


Nadine C. Fabbi is Managing Director of the Canadian Studies Center and Arctic and International Relations in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington; and Lead for the Arctic International Policy Institute Arctic Fellows initiative in the Jackson School. Her doctorate is in Educational Leadership and Policy in the Faculty of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests include how we understand the Arctic as a unique region in the field of area studies and international studies and what this means in higher education; how Arctic Indigenous internationalism is influencing international relations and regimes such as the Arctic Council; and how policy and spatial activism in Arctic foreign and domestic policies are reshaping how we think about international relations and social justice.

Nadine is founder and editor of Arctic and International Relations Series, a publication that focuses on understanding the Arctic as a unique world region where Indigenous peoples, nation-states, non-governmental organizations, and civil society are working together to create a distinctive Arctic voice and perspective in international relations. Current publications include: “Development of a Québec Arctic policy in partnership with the Inuit of Nunavik” (Arctic and International Relations Series 1, 2015); “Inuit foreign policy and international relations in the Arctic” (Jensen & Hønneland, Eds., Handbook on the Politics of the Arctic, 2015); “Inuit foreign policy and international relations in the Arctic” (Arctic Yearbook 2012); and “Geopolitics, Arctic Council, and Arctic resources” with Gallucci and Hellmann (Fishing People of the North: Cultures, Economies, and Management Responding to Change, 2012.

Nadine is the founder and program director for the Jackson School of International Studies’ biennial Task Force on the Arctic that takes seniors to Ottawa for a week to visit with embassies of Arctic nation-states, federal departments, local organizations and scholars. She has served as a visiting faculty at the Coastal and Marine Management Program, University of the Westfjords in Iceland; and for the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta.

Nadine is a founding member and chair of the minor in Arctic Studies at the University of Washington – a joint interdisciplinary minor between the School of Oceanography and Jackson School of International Studies. She is the Council Representative for University of the Arctic and serves on its Academic Leadership Team; and serves as a board member for the University’s Future of Ice initiative.

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