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The Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies presents

100 Years after Red October: Historical Legacies and New Beginnings in Culture and Politics. More. . .

About the Conference

The keynote this year will be given by Glennys Young and is titled:

Glennys Young The Russian Revolution and the Making of the 20th Century: Global Perspectives at the Centennial

Glennys is a historian of Russia and the Soviet Union. Over the course of her career, she has become increasingly interested in the USSR’s involvement in transnational movements and processes, whether political, social, cultural, or economic. She has also pursued research interests in the history of Communism and world history. In addition to the books mentioned below, she has published articles on a number of topics in Soviet social and political history. Her first book, Power and the Sacred in Revolutionary Russia: Religious Activists in the Village (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997), examined the Bolshevik project of cultural transformation through a case study of peasants’ responses to the Soviet anti-religious campaign.


  • The official submission deadlines have passed, but people interested in attending the Conference as audience can still RSVP here. The RSVP link will close on March 30 at noon. After that conference attendees are welcome to register on site.

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