With over 60 participating faculty members in the humanities, the social sciences, and several professional schools, REECAS represents an unparalleled resource for students and professionals who are interested in the societies, politics, languages, and cultures of central Eurasia. Through a commitment to historical understanding, innovative teaching, and interdisciplinary research, we strive to further contemporary scholarship and to educate students about this critical region of the world.

Recent graduates have pursued careers in government agencies such as the Department of State, Homeland Security and the Department of Energy; in companies such as Cisco Systems, Chemonics, Boeing and Microsoft; in international organizations such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the International Organization for Migration; and in non-profit organizations such as IREX, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and the Atlantic Council. They have been admitted to graduate programs in such disciplines as history, Slavic languages, anthropology, Scandinavian studies, and international studies, at the UW and other leading universities.

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