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M.A. – Concurrent Degrees

UW Professional School Concurrent Degree Options

The Ellison Center strongly encourages M.A. students to pursue a concurrent degree with one of the below professional schools while at the University of Washington. Concurrent degree students graduate with the deep regional expertise and languages skills they gain through the REECAS program in the Jackson School as well as the practical training they gain through participation in a degree program at one of UW’s professional schools. The most common concurrent degree combinations are the REECAS M.A. and an M.B.A. at the Foster School of Business or the REECAS M.A. and an M.P.A. at the Evans School of Public Affairs. As the below list demonstrates, however, there are a wide variety of ways to enhance the REECAS M.A. through concurrent study in one of UW’s professional schools.

Sample concurrent professional degree programs:

  1. Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Forest Resources (MFR/MS)
  3. Law (JD)
  4. Marine Affairs (MMA)
  5. Public Affairs (MPA)
  6. Public Health (MPH)



Concurrent candidates must submit application materials to both the Jackson School (REECAS) and the professional school. (See application procedures for both.) The Jackson School evaluates applicants accepted by the professional school on academic and practical/professional performance, test scores, references, essay, and writing ability.


The REECAS program draws on both area studies and various disciplines to allow a very flexible approach to the study of international affairs. This interdisciplinary approach is intended to help students approach their profession with a better understanding of how to relate it to the REECAS region in an increasingly interdependent world.

Completion of the International Studies master’s program concurrently with a professional degree takes approximately one year longer than the estimated time to complete the professional degree. The following schedule illustrates how the IS program and a concurrent degree are typically completed. This pattern may vary depending on the professional degree program.

1st year:

Required core for professional program.

2nd year:

Electives for either/both programs.

3rd year +:

Electives for either/both programs, any final papers and/or final exams required.



Proficiency equivalent to four years of college- level work in a REECAS language at graduation.

Required Core:

• Survey of Eurasia
• International and Area Studies
• Research Design and Methods
• Thesis Seminar

Major and Minor Disciplines:

Two foci of study: the Major Discipline and the Minor Discipline. These are typically from such fields as history, economics, geography, political science or literature and culture. Students select different fields for the Major (15 credits) and Minor Disciplines (10 credits) so as so gain an interdisciplinary perspective on their geographical focus.

Elective Course:

In addition to the Major and Minor Disciplines, students must fulfill an elective course from a field of their choice. Provided the course is REECAS-relevant, concurrent degree students may seek to count a course from their professional degree as their elective.

Final Papers and Oral Exam:

Students research and present a graduate thesis to their peers and to a faculty examining committee. Students usually take one or more quarters of thesis writing credits to research and write this.


To learn more about combining a REECAS M.A. with a professional degree, please contact Graduate Advising and Admission Manager Sonja Renner at