Spaces of Creative Resistance 2021

Session 4: Re-creating Spaces — Streets, Rooftop, Local Cinema

Focusing on the agency of space and placemaking initiatives and the possibilities (and constraints) for resistance.


Sampson Wong is a Lecturer for the General Education Foundation Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His academic interests include contemporary urban studies, the production of space in Hong Kong, art, society and the public sphere, and community, neighborhood and crowd creations. Wong holds a BSSc from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, an MSc from University College London,  and a Ph.D. from The University of Manchester. Click here for detailed project description.

Zoosun Yoon is a researcher of urban regeneration at AURI (Architecture & Urban Research Institute), a government-funded research institute in South Korea. Yoon’s research focuses on the revitalization of shrinking cities with young peoples. It integrates maker movements, everyday culture, and location-based startups. Previously, Yoon worked at the Ansan Community Planning Center (NPO) as a community planner, and participatory planning researcher at KRIHS (Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements), a National Think Tank. Yoon holds a PhD in Urban Design from the University of Tokyo, and a Master of Architecture from Seoul National University. Click here for detailed project description. 

Hidehiko Ishibashi has been the CEO of Ishibashi Sekkei, the organization that runs Toyooka Cinema in the countryside of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, since 2014. Born in 1969, Ishibashi moved to Northern Ireland in 1985 after completing Japanese middle school. After graduating from the University of Ulster, he completed his post-graduate studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University in Fine Art. Ishibashi then moved to London before returning to Japan in 1999. Ishibashi also organized the Tokyo meeting of the Northern Ireland Film Festival in 2008. Click here for detailed project description.


Naomi Uchida is a Professor in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Saitama University in Japan where she teaches classes in urban planning. She received her Ph.D. in Architecture from Waseda University in 2006 and an M.A. in Urban Design and Planning from University of Washington (Seattle) in 2004. Her current research focuses on Japanese gentrification, urban revitalization, and community development.