Faculty Travel Grants

The East Asia Center has limited funding available to assist with international travel and holds an annual call for travel funding proposals. This is typically in late August through September.

Please note, the EAC is not accepting applications or providing funding for international travel during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Faculty travel grants may be offered again once normal operations resume, circumstances permitting.

All regular UW East Asia faculty, librarians and outreach personnel are eligible to apply, as are lecturers who have been at the University for three years or more. Reimbursements will be made up to $1,000 per awardee per year. Exact funding amounts may vary in order to support as many applicants as possible.

Proposed travel must involve activities that will enhance our East Asia programs and Title VI National Resource Center. Eligible activities include those related to study abroad programs, research, conferences, curriculum development, lecturing or speaking opportunities, library acquisitions and business meetings that contribute to curriculum or program development.

Eligible expenses include international airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals and related incidentals. If requesting reimbursement for airfare, awardees must fly on an American carrier as per the Fly America Act.

Funding decisions will be based on the following priorities:

  1. Demonstrated strength of program development component
  2. Length of stay (longer stays will receive priority over shorter ones)
  3. Balance among disciplines and countries

If more people apply than can be funded, a selection committee will be formed.

Please note: Successful applicants must re-submit confirmed itineraries to the EAC prior to travel. This is necessary so the EAC can submit Travel Authorization Requests (TARs) to the U.S. Department of Education 30 days prior to travel, as required. Therefore, we cannot guarantee processing TARs and reimbursements unless awardees submit full itineraries during regular office hours (9:00am-5:00pm, M-F) at least 31 days prior to travel. Awardees who are unable to meet this deadline will forfeit their travel grant.