Faculty Travel Grants

The East Asia Center has limited funding available to assist with international travel and annually (typically in September or October) holds an open call for travel funding requests. All regular EA faculty and outreach personnel are eligible to apply, as are lecturers who have been at the University for three years or more. Reimbursements will be made up to $700 per person per year.


To be eligible for reimbursement, travel must be linked to proposed activities that will strengthen and enhance our programs and National Resource Center. Legitimate activities include travel related to study abroad programs, research, conferences, curriculum development, lecturing or speaking opportunities, library acquisitions and business meetings that contribute to curriculum or program development.


If more people apply than can be funded, a selection committee will be formed. Funding decisions will be based on the following priorities: strength of program development component, length of stay (longer stays will receive priority over shorter ones), and balance among disciplines and countries.