FLAS Fellowships

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

The application cycle for Summer 2023 and AY 2023-24 FLAS Fellowships has now closed.

Applications for Summer 2024 and AY 2024-25 will open in November 2023.

FLAS Fellowships support undergraduate, graduate and professional students in acquiring modern foreign languages and area or international studies competencies. Students from all programs and departments are encouraged to apply. FLAS Fellowships are available to US citizens and permanent residents. Contingent on funding from the US Department of Education, the East Asia Center annually offers Academic Year and Summer FLAS Fellowships in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

FLAS Fellows receive:

  • Academic Year Graduate: $18,000 tuition, $20,000 living stipend
  • Academic Year Undergraduate: $10,000 tuition,$5,000 living stipend
  • Summer Graduate/Undergraduate: $5,000 tuition,$2500 living stipend

Applicants should carefully read all FLAS guidelines, including Center-specific guidelines, before applying.  If you have any questions, contact FLAS@uw.edu

East Asia Center Languages

Chinese, Japanese, Korean

EAC-Specific FLAS Guidance

East Asia Center academic-year FLAS fellowships are comprehensive awards that encompass both area studies training and language training at the UW, while summer FLAS fellowships are for intensive language training only. For this reason, the East Asia Center considers summer quarter the most appropriate time for study abroad, and typically does not permit FLAS fellowships to fund study abroad during the academic year (autumn, winter, spring).

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