FLAS Fellowships

FLAS Fellows Summer 2024

Nathaniel Kent (he/him, Japanese)

Nathaniel is a first-year student at the University of Washington. He is concurrently in the College of Engineering and the Jackson School of International Studies, where he is pursuing a major in Global and Regional Studies. Once he graduates, Nathaniel plans to become a foreign service officer. Receiving the Summer FLAS Fellowship is an amazing opportunity for him to continue studying Japanese and Japan Area Studies into next year, which will provide him with the pathway to graduate with a degree focus in East Asia. He is incredibly excited to study Japanese at KCP International School in Tokyo this summer as a FLAS Fellow. The language training he will receive through being a FLAS Fellow will bring him far closer to fluency in Japanese, which is both a personal goal and a major boon for a career in the foreign service.

Mimi Martin (she/her, Japanese)

Mimi is a sophomore double majoring in Asian Languages & Cultures and Global & Regional Studies with a focus in Asian Studies. She plans to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan at the KCP International Japanese Language School to improve her Japanese, thanks to the Summer FLAS 2024 Fellowship from the East Asia Center. With FLAS, Mimi is able to travel to Japan and continue her Japanese studies and improve her language skills. Mimi hopes to eventually become a translator and her travels abroad will help provide her the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge to be able to achieve her future goals.