Spaces of Creative Resistance 2021

Session 3: “Revitalizing” the Local

Collaborative initiatives in rural contexts: community design, social welfare, and local revitalization.


Hsiu Fan Lin (林秀芃) was born in Taipei in 1990. Lin moved to Singapore for secondary education before returning to Taiwan for college. Lin co-founded Yuanli Hi Home with YuYu Liu to seek solutions for rural issues. Lin currently engages with the community in rural revitalization and grassroots democracy and is a graduate student in the Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University.
Yu Yu Liu 
(劉育育) was born in Yuanli Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan, in 1985. Liu studied psychology and participated in social movement as an undergraduate student in Fu Jen University.  Having spotted problems and challenges in Yuanli and other rural towns, Liu decided to stay in Yuanli and launch a social enterprise, Yuanli Hi Home, which tackles issues regarding rural revitalization. Liu is also a graduate Student in the Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University. Click here for full project description.

Yumi Matsubara is an associate professor in the Faculty of Human Sciences at Waseda University. She has a Ph.D. in Welfare Management from Nihon Fukushi University, and obtained her MBA from the Graduate School of Business Administration at Keio University in 1994. Matsubara previously worked as a principal researcher and research director for financial think tanks. Currently, she specializes in management and policy on medical welfare. In addition to her academic posting, Matsubara sits on the Social Welfare Group and the Healthcare Group of the Social Security Council (Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan). Click here for full project description.

Keisuke Sugano (Eng.D.) is Assistant Professor of Department of Architecture, College of Architecture, Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Japan), and former researcher at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). He is specialized in Japanese “Machizukuri”, which is defined as diverse and creative community-driven management models, by which local communities are enabled to actively tackle problem-solving. His main research theme is community-based participatory research through practicing Machizukuri. The focus lies on developing the methodology for community empowerment by participatory process evaluation using documentary film and interactive planning using illustrations and 3D models. Click here for full project description.


Sohyun Park is Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Seoul National University, as well as President of the Architecture & Urban Research Institute (AURI) of Korea. Her research interests include urban conservation, walkable neighborhoods, design policy, and community planning. She received her PhD in urban design and planning from the University of Washington, Seattle, and taught at the University of Colorado’s College of Architecture and Planning. She has served on the Korean national committees, such as the Presidential Commission on architectural policies and the Prime Minister’s Committee of urban regeneration. She is a board member of the Citizen’s Alliance for Walkable Cities in Korea.