Examining Ourselves in Order to be Culturally Responsive...

Keynote Speech Abstract

Examining Ourselves in Order to be Culturally Responsive Educators and Create Inclusive Environments

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging work and initiatives have changed greatly since 2020. We quickly pivoted to different approaches and mindset, and we often looked for playbooks to help us navigate them. As educators, we are always trying hard to elevate the students’ experiences and consider the diversity of thought and perspectives, while teaching our content and skills. In this interactive, reflective and practical workshop, we will pose various strategies to include in your practices to foster more welcoming, respectful, and safe learning environment/classrooms. Each person’s journey within DEIB work is different, and it is important to honor each person’s place and time within this continuum. In this workshop, participants will learn strategies for the classroom, and also examine their own thoughts and biases, to learn how to have more healthy conversations with students and colleagues about DEIA issues in order to find ways to make a positive impact within their own communities.


Will Matsuzaki is currently the Upper School Head at All Saints’ Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas, where he also teaches Japanese and Directs the Tad Bird Honors College. During his 25 years in education, he has taught middle and high school Japanese, 10th Grade History, Junior Honors Thesis, and Senior Capstone. He is part of the faculty for the national Student Diversity Leadership Conference, where he and 70 other faculty members lead conversations about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to 2,000 students. He has served as Diversity Director for his school, is currently co-Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging for AATJ, and has led numerous workshops both for his schools and nationwide. Will earned his B.A. in Japanese from Carleton College, a MSEd in Technology Education, Graduate Certificate in Administration and Supervision, and an Ed.D. in Teacher Development and Leadership, all from The Johns Hopkins University.

カールトン・カレッジにて日本語学士号取得。ジョンズ・ホプキンス大学からは教育テクノロジー修士号、Administration and SupervisionのGraduate Certificate、および教員養成とリーダーシップの教育博士号を取得。現在、テキサス州フォートワースのAll Saints’ Episcopal Schoolにて、高等部主任、日本語教員、Tad Bird Honors Collegeのディレクターを務める。25年にわたる教職において、中学・高校の日本語、10年生の歴史、Junior Honors Thesis、Senior Capstoneの指導を行っている。また、National Student Diversity Leadership Conferenceの70名の指導教員の一人でもあり、多様性、公平性、インクルージョンについて2000人の学生を導いている。過去には、現勤務校にてダイバーシティ・ディレクターを務め、現在はAATJのDiversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belongingの共同ディレクターも務めており、数多くの全米規模の研修会を指導している。