SEAxSEA Film Festival

2019 Edition

The SEAxSEA Film Festival is back in 2019!  The SEAxSEA Film Festival is part of the Southeast Asia Center’s mission to actively organize Southeast Asia-related programs, and features films that explore Southeast Asia in its diversity, emphasizing underrepresented communities and youth-produced visions of the past, present, and future.

We are screening 17 films from Southeast Asia and Southeast Asian America with discussions to follow each night. Please drop by for some free popcorn, drinks, and most of all, great films!

Download the full program here: SEAxSEA Program 2019
View the film synopses here: SEAxSEA Film Synopses.

View the winners here: SEAxSEA 2019 winners.

Day 1, January 10, 2019
4:45 PM Concession Stand Opens: Free popcorn and drinks available
5:00 PM Kun ‘Di Man (If Not, Philippines, 2017); Jawara (Champion, Indonesia, 2017); Unspoken War (Singapore, Cambodia, 2018)
6:00 PM Intermission
6:15 PM Gowok (The Ins and Outs of a Woman’s Body, 2018); Nisai (USA, Cambodia, 2018); Liefde (Love, Netherlands, 2017); Balance (Viet Nam, 2017); Pesan Dari Buritan (Message from the Stern Deck, Indonesia, 2015)
7:15 PM Discussion
Day 2, January 11, 2019
4:45 PM Concession Stand Opens:  Free popcorn and drinks available
5:00 PM Barisan Para Naga (Line of Dragons, Indonesia, 2018); Asad (Singapore, 2017); Aku Mau Skola (I Want to go to School, Malaysia, 2018); .raw (Philippines, 2018); Being of Neglected (Thailand, 2018)
5:50 PM Intermission
6:00 PM Nightcaller (Canada, Philippines, 2018); Kampung Tapir (Malaysia, 2017); Chanthadeth (Seattle, 2015); Ramadan (Seattle, 2018)
7:00 PM Discussion