2019 Edition

SEAXSEA 2019 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the second annual SEAxSEA Film Festival!  This year, our panel of judges included Gerald Sim, associate professor of film and media studies at Florida Atlantic University and the 2016 Lee Kong Chian NUS-Stanford Fellow on Contemporary Southeast Asia.  Sim is the author of The Subject of Film and Race: Retheorizing Politics, Ideology, and Cinema and “Postcolonial Cacophonies: Yasmin Ahmad’s Sense of the World” in positions (Aug. 2018).  Sim; the founder of the SEAxSEA Film Festival, Adrian Alarilla; and the Southeast Asia Center’s Managing Director, Shannon Bush selected the following award winners:

Best Narrative:   Phyllis Grande’s Kun ‘Di Man (If Not)

Best Documentary:   Andi Imam Prakasa’s Pesan Dari Buritan (Message from the Stern Deck)

Best Student Film:    Yuhaniz Aly, Abdulgani Mohamad, and Samir Nguyen’s Ramadan

Members of the audience also served as distinguished judges, voting for the following Audience Favorites:


Day 1:  Andi Imam Prakasa’s Pesan Dari Buritan (Message from the Stern Deck)

Day 2:  Chanthadeth Lucky Chanthalangsy’s Chanthadeth