Academic programs

Study abroad

The University of Washington Study Abroad office facilitates three types of study abroad opportunities: university exchange, departmental exchange, and “faculty led” programs. UW is also affiliated with several study abroad programs offered by other providers.  Recurring opportunities in Southeast Asia are listed below, but students are encouraged to search the UW Study Abroad website for the latest information. The Southeast Asia Center also encourages students to consider other study abroad options, particular for language learning.

University exchange with NUS

UW Study Abroad facilitates an exchange with the National University of Singapore for undergraduates with Junior or Senior standing. Exchange participants pay an exchange fee equal to UW tuition and attend regular classes at NUS for a semester or an academic year. Learn more on the UW Study Abroad Website.

Departmental exchanges

Departmental exchanges typically require students to be registered in the sponsoring department.

Faculty-led programs

Faculty-led programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad with programs organized and taught by UW faculty. UW Program participants pay a program fee (in lieu of UW tuition) and take coursework and participate in field studies that focus on specific academic themes or proficiencies. Different faculty lead study abroad trips to Southeast Asia each year. Check the UW Study Abroad website for this year’s programs.



Unaffiliated Programs

Unaffiliated programs have no official connection to UW, but in many cases students can receive independent learning credit through the UW for attending these programs. Students should discuss such options with a faculty adviser and the UW Study Abroad Office.

Language-focused study abroad opportunities

For information on language-focused study abroad opportunities in Southeast Asia, please visit our language instruction page.