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Learn Thai at UW! 

Thai is the national language of Thailand, a Southeast Asian country with a population of nearly 69 million.

Thailand is known for sandy beaches in the south, forested mountains in the north, and diverse wildlife that includes endangered Asian elephants and leopards.

The mega-city Bangkok is Thailand’s capitol, and a major tourist destination for travelers the world over.

A large majority of the Thai population is Theravada Buddhist. Visitors to the country will notice the bright saffron robes worn by monks, as well as the ornate temple architecture.

Like Vietnamese and Chinese, Thai is a tonal language. It is part of the Tai branch of the Kra-Dai language family, which also includes Lao, the national language of Laos. Many Thai words are derived or borrowed from Khmer, Chinese, Sanskrit, and Pali.

Whether you are a researcher, traveler, or connoisseur of Thai cuisine, learning Thai at UW will be an outstanding experience!

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