SEAxSEA Film Festival

2022 Edition


How do we see? How are we seen? Southeast Asia has often been subjected to regimes of seeing and knowing, but filmmakers from the region and its diasporas are creating and sharing their own ways of looking back at themselves and at Southeast Asia. This year, at the SEAxSEA Film & Literature Festival, these storytellers are sharing their own perspectives, demonstrating how the act of seeing can also be an act of resisting.

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LITERARY EVENTS (registration required):

Southeast Asia between Art and AnthropologyMay 5, 2022 5pm-6pm PDT

How Southeast Asia imagines itself in Creative PracticeMay 13, 2022 5pm-6pm PDT

In-person screening – Merdeka: May 11, 2022 2pm PDT, Thomson Hall 317, UW Seattle