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Portrait of an Artist

“My real name has too much noise and homosocial magic, and I don’t even have a punk approach to truth or running. The table is moral, but the fable is not.”

–Zhou Sivan, Zero Copula

Vincent Ternida (Philippines-Canada)
Prose: Ternida, Vincent. The Seven Muses of Harry Salcedo. Dark Helix Press. (2019)

Shawn Hoo (Singapore)
Poetry: Deferred Sayings for Future Occasions. OF ZOOS, 2019.

Zhou Sivan (Malaysia)
Chapbook: Zero Copula. Delete Press. 2015.

Lawdenmarc Decamora (Philippines)
Poetry: Decamora, Lawdenmarc. fɪlɪˌpiːnz. Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation. (Stanford University), Issue 20. 2022.

Megan Wonowidjoyo (Singapore)
Short Film: Woman at Home. 2017.

Landfalls and Landforms

“The first location our vessel will be visiting is the South Banda Basin in Indonesia, a country well-known for the rich coral reefs its archipelago hosts, and for many, a poignant symbol of the wonders of the underwater world. This burial ship bearing the legacies of eighty of our clients was sunken only eight months ago, and is still in the first phase of abyssal burial.”

–Choo Yi Feng, “An Investor’s Guide to Abyssal Burial”

Vincent Ternida (Philippines-Canada)
Ternida, Vincent. Contempt. Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine Issue 56.
Ternida, Vincent. Frostbite. Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine Issue 56.
Featured in Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine Issue 56

Choo Yi Feng (Singapore)
Short Story: An Investor’s Guide to Abyssal Burial. Alluvium, the journal of Literary Shanghai. 2021
Short Story: Plastic Bag Girl. Anathema: Spec from the Margins. 2022.

Shawn Hoo (Singapore)
Chapbook: Of the Florids. Diode Editions, forthcoming July 2022.

Zhou Hau Liew (Malaysia)
Essay: Old Goats, New Villages, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, 2017.

Cheng Tim Tim (Hong Kong)
Poetry: The Sand I Stand On is Not My Own. berfrois.com. 2021.
Poetry: Lantau (Rotten Head). The Tiger Moth Review. Issue 7. 2022.

Many-Tongued Histories

“Still other words – like alternative, ethnicity, hyphenated, identity, other, indeed the number of words preceded by post – from the vocabulary of what are already traditions of discursive radicalism, so politically correct, so à la mode, are nonetheless signifiers with unstable signifieds, here, in for instance this mêlée, outside academic confines. The mythologies passionately being crafted out of mixtures of histories and desires and angers, are not quite – or not yet – coalescing into a palpability, indeed into liberation. And perhaps we do not wish such a coalescing, because once again, another omnipotent canon will propose enslavement.”

— Marian Pastor Roces, “Words”

Hamid Roslan (Singapore)
Poetry: Roslan, Hamid. parsetreeforestfire. Ethos Books. 2019.

Choo Yi Feng (Singapore)
Short Story: Parlour. Curios Issue 6, National University of Singapore. 2020

Elaine Chiew (Singapore)
Book: Chiew, Elaine. The Heartsick Diaspora. Myriad Editions, 2020; Penguin SEA 2019.
Short Story: Chiew, Elaine, ed. Cooked Up: Food Fiction From Around the World. New Internationalist, 2015.

Marian Pastor Roces (Philippines)
Essay: “Words.” Asia-pacific triennial of contemporary art: Eyeline 22/23 (Summer,1993): 45-48.

Zhou Hau Liew (Malaysia)
Short Story: Ainna, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, August 2020.

Lawdenmarc Decamora (Philippines)
Article: Philippine Literatures in a Derridean Sense: A Problem of (Re)versing the Region?. Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia (Kyoto University), Issue 30, March 2021.

Megan Wonowidjoyo (Singapore)
Short Film: Blue Shoes. 2022.