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Reconstructing Syria: Resettling refugees and internally displaced persons

Task Force 2019


Michael Ratney

Senior U.S. Foreign Service Officer; former United States Special Envoy for Syria

Faculty Adviser

Paula Holmes-Eber headshot

Paula Holmes-Eber

Affiliate Professor

Task Force

  • Julia Bursey
  • Baili Ebinger
  • Josephine Espelage
  • Sarah Flint
  • Renee Hancock
  • Steven Huynh
  • Sabrina Johnson
  • Laurel Johnson
  • Allegra Kahn
  • Sophia Masonis El-Gawhary
  • Rachel Pollard
  • James Riley
  • Emma Schnee
  • Jordan Sweeney
  • Jerome Vaughn

After over seven years of civil war, the conflict in Syria is slowly coming to an end, leaving over 12 million people injured, displaced or dead: almost half of the country’s original population. Over 5 million Syrians are homeless in their own country, where the physical, economic and medical infrastructure is largely destroyed. Another 6.5 million are refugees in the neighboring countries of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. And approximately half a million have sought asylum in Europe or other parts of the Middle East. Struggling under the immense burden of caring for millions of Syrian refugees for the past seven years, many Middle Eastern host countries are eager to send the Syrians back home. But Syria cannot even house or feed the people that have remained in the country. And many of the refugees, whose families fought against Assad, fear retaliation if they return. This task force will examine the complex legal, economic, physical, medical and social challenges of reconstructing Syria to accommodate the next flood of refugees—back home. Click HERE to access report.

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