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JSIS 495H Sarah Lohmann – NATO and Emerging Technology

"Navigating New Threats: NATO’s Posture on Emerging Technologies"

Task Force 2022

Task Force 2022 NATO and Emerging Technology


Carol V. Evans

Director, Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) and USAWC Press U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA

Faculty Adviser

Sarah Lohmann

Acting Assistant Professor

Task Force

  • Chomyszak, Christopher
  • Cox, Lucas Michael
  • Helmy, Trevor
  • Jacobson, Samuel
  • Khosraw, Edreese
  • Lavey, Samuel
  • Lewis, Martha
  • Lin, Katherine Qai-Lynn
  • Mabe, Samantha
  • Olsen, Alexandra
  • Ryals, Christopher
  • Sahagun, Kiara
  • Williamson, Isobel
  • Winstead, Sydney
  • Wu, Yanchen

This class will examine the emerging technologies having an increased impact on helping NATO’s defense, as well as those creating new challenges from adversaries.

Students are invited to participate in a task force to explore the emerging technologies and threats challenging transatlantic security. Students will become familiar with the challenges NATO is facing in a new hybrid warfare environment, whether that be due to attacks from drones, malicious cyber intrusions, or hypersonic warfare. They will become familiar with the opportunities provided by innovation across Europe and North America, such as big data analytic tools or space satellites. Finally, students will be able to explain how critical national infrastructure can be shaped or challenged by emerging technology. Upon approval, a students’ work can be published in a NATO Handbook on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience in cooperation with the NATO Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism and the US Army War College.


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