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Four Jackson School undergrads named to annual Husky 100 list

April 27, 2022

Jackson School Husky 100 students, April 2022

We are pleased to announce that this year four undergraduate students at the Jackson School have been named to the University of Washington’s Husky 100 list in Spring 2022 for their research and coursework, volunteer and leadership pursuits, and making a difference on campus and in their communities.

Learn more about each of the Jackson School students selected to the 2022 Husky 100 list:

Dustin Mattaio Mara (B.A. International Studies: B.Des. Visual Communication Design, 2022): “These past four years have shaped my persona and mindset as a leader, on and off campus, advocating for mental health, athletic diversity, and survivor support.”

Andrea Jade Scallon (B.A. International Studies, 2022): “Through the lens of healthcare, UW has provided me with the language and knowledge, the research and advocacy skills, and the compassion and resilience to support people during their most difficult and vulnerable moments, my greatest life goal.”

Sydney Sherk (B.A. International Studies, 2022): “My time studying human rights at the Jackson School of International Studies has led me to understand the importance of engaging in complex issues with empathy and an open mind.”

Jiani Wang (B.A. International Studies and Communication, 2022): “I want to be at the forefront of enhancing a policy environment in the real world that allows further social advancement while leaving no one behind.”