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FLAS Notes from the Field: Ancient Practices in Modern Croatia

September 7, 2016


UW History Ph.D. candidate Arna Elezovic is currently on a Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship (FLAS) at the University of Zadar in Croatia. Arna is also exploring the country’s spectacular Dalmatian coast and its hinterland, where she discovered that Croatian sea salt is still produced in an ancient way:

“Croatia is one of the newer members of the European Union, having joined the EU only in 2013, but already in the few short weeks here as a FLAS fellow, I have seen many examples of how ancient history dominates the Dalmatian coast.  The ancient Roman presence is particularly notable in both in architecture of cities and even some industries. One example is the Nin Salt Works, or Nin Solana, along the central northern Dalmatian coast, which harvests salt in much the same way that the ancient Romans did.

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