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Alumna named recipient of prestigious Yenching Academy scholar award

April 23, 2019

Sneha Indrajit, BA International Studies 2018

Sneha Indrajit, who earned her bachelor’s in international studies at the Jackson School, heads to China, in autumn 2019 to begin a yearlong master’s program at Yenching Academy, Peking University.

“Just to be immersed in the culture is an invaluable opportunity,” she said. “Deepening my understanding of the language and deepening my understanding of how China positions itself in the world [is what interested me in this program.”Sneha-Indrajit

Learn more here about Sneha and the Yenching Academy scholar award.

While at the Jackson School, Sneha was selected as a Cybersecurity Fellow as part of the school’s International Policy Institute. Read more about how she applied her knowledge of global cybersecurity issues to become a finalist on the UW team for a national policy case experience.

The mission of Yenching Academy of Peking University is to equip outstanding young scholars with a broad, interdisciplinary knowledge of China that reflects both Chinese and international perspectives, and to cultivate leaders who will advocate for global progress and cultural understanding. The program offers interdisciplinary classroom and field study of Chinese history and culture, as well as real-time issues in China’s development. The UW became a partner University in 2015.

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