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Undocu Task Force Recommendations

October 17, 2017

Recommendations to UW
from Undocu Task Force

March 29, 2017

Ricardo Gomez, Magdalena Fonseca (Co-Chairs)

Undocumented students are one of the most vulnerable populations on our campus today. Even though UW has been doing a lot to support undocumented students since 2000 (see narrative, A History Told of Undocumented Students at the UW: Coming Out of the Shadows), more can be done to help succeed at the university. Changes in policy and attitudes after the election of President Trump make them even more vulnerable, and make it even more urgent to provide additional support services and programs that have the ability to be quick to react to policy changes in the future. UW has an opportunity to dedicate more real and committed resources to support undocumented students. These programs need to be broadly defined to benefit diverse, vulnerable populations, in order to avoid attracting undue attention from contrarian forces opposing support to undocumented students.

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