Peru Education, Action, & Research (PEAR) Network

PEAR UW Network

The Peru Education, Action & Research (PEAR) Network is an informal network of UW faculty, graduate students, and community partners with research interests, projects, collaborators, and/or student programs in Peru. 

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About PEAR

PEAR aims to serve as a UW community resource linking people with different areas of expertise and experiences relevant to Peru to catalyze new forms of interdisciplinary collaboration, identify joint funding opportunities, and enhance existing partnerships. By leveraging common and complementary strengths, experiences, existing partnerships, and networks, we can diversify and expand the scope of research in Peru, build new opportunities for student study, research, internships and community service in the country, create reciprocal opportunities for Peruvian’s in Seattle, and advance the scholarly and societal impact of both UW and its Peruvian partners.

Partnering with the UW Office of Global Affairs, the Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) Program serves as the central hub for the network and participating faculty are drawn from across multiple schools and colleges.

PEAR Members