The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

The University of Washington’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies program in the Jackson School of International Studies was established in 1992 and is committed to the advancement of scholarship and applied knowledge about Latin America and the Caribbean.  The program is built around several region-specific themes and principles. These include the creative arts, borderlands, health and human rights, indigeneity, race and ethnicity.

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies major has become one of the largest and fastest-growing area studies programs in the School of International Studies. Graduates from this program go on to successful careers in business, government, education, non-governmental organizations, law, diplomacy, arts, and other fields. Many also use the degree as a step toward graduate study in history, business administration, economics, anthropology, and other fields at top universities. The major’s popularity stems from an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines the strengths of regional and comparative international studies with study and research opportunities in specific academic disciplines. Students graduate with both a comprehensive understanding of Latin America and a rich knowledge of the global processes affecting the region and its people. Students can also pursue practical training in a thematic area of choice such as Media Studies, NGO Management, Immigration, or Gender Studies. Opportunities are boundless!

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Banner painting credit: Fulgencio Lazo “Arcoiris del Yoyo” (2013)