Latin America and Caribbean Studies People

Faculty & Staff

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies faculty and Staff is comprised of individuals with broad and diverse expertise in Latin America and the Caribbean. Most also have cross-regional and interdisciplinary interests. Faculty members are distinguished scholars and teachers in their respective area of specialization, and hold appointments in departments throughout the university including American Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Economics, History, Geography, Women Studies, Fisheries, International Studies, Music, Health Sciences, Political Science, Romance Languages, Comparative Literature, Sociology, and in the Schools of Social Work, Business Administration and Forestry. Check the profile of the LACS affiliated faculty here.

Graduate Students

Like our faculty, many of the graduate students affiliated with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program come from throughout the university and study in a wide range of disciplines.  We also have affiliated graduate students who are earning a MA or PhD in International Studies and have chosen Latin America as their regional focus. Here is a list of current graduate students focusing in LACS.

Undergraduate Students

The LACS Program offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies as well a minor in the discipline. Program requirements for both the major and minor in LACS are outlined under the Programs and Courses tab above. Find out how to get involved in LACSA (Latin American and Caribbean Student Association) here!


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