The Peter T. Johnson Fund for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Congratulations to our 2019 Peter T. Johnson Fund Recipients!

Alexandra Blakely – Pre-Social Science

“I will be using the 2019 Dr. Clyde Snow Fund for LACS for meals whiles traveling and a trip to Machupicchu! I look forward to eating nutritious meals in Lima and Cusco and learning the history of the Inca and the history of the Sacred Valley. I would not be able to travel to Machupicchu without the support of LACS as the travel to and cost to enter the park is extremely out of my budget. I feel very privileged, humbled and grateful to be able to have an experiential learning adventure.”

Billy Millie – History

“When I transferred to the University of Washington in the autumn of 2018, I underwent a period of change in my life. A big part in helping ease my transition was being able to move into a comfortable new place I could call home. However, one of the expenses included in traveling abroad is maintaining the place you live while away, which these funds awarded to me will help me do. I will be using the scholarship funds I was awarded through the Peter T. Johnson funds to secure my home in Seattle while I travel abroad in Peru.”

Ximena Perez – International Studies | Spanish

“With the support of the Peter T. Johnson Fund, I propose to travel and research the Yakima Valley labor system focusing on the personal experiences of women and the labor problems they continually encounter at the fruit processing facilities and in the fields. Even though suffering has no gender, I will focus on interviewing women because they are the easiest targets in these work environments. The women I will interview are not only undocumented but also single mothers; they are in a vulnerable status in this country, but I believe that telling their stories is crucial and should have happened a long time ago. With this research project, I hope to have a better understanding of these issues in a more personal way through the workers’ and hopefully, the owner’s perspectives. The problems I will research will demonstrate the need for community engagement in our state.”

Caitlin Quirk – International Studies: Europe

“In July, I will travel to Costa Rica to work at the Arias Foundation, an organization that promotes human progress and peace in Central America. For two months I will be a research intern, exploring the intersectionalities of gender inequality in Latin America through social, political, economic, and cultural lenses. Specifically, my research will focus on sexual violence in the workplace and the impacts of income inequality on women. I will conduct field work in multiple neighborhoods throughout the capital city of San José. I am very thankful to receive an award from the Peter T. Johnson Fund which will support my travel expenses.”



The Peter T. Johnson Endowed Fund in Latin America and Caribbean Studies was established December 5, 2016 to provide broad-based direct financial support to undergraduate students affiliated with the University of Washington’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies program in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.  The funds will support undergraduate students with research, travel and/or other costs related to attending scholarly or professional conference to present research findings. Awards will range from $500 to $1,000.


  • The Peter T. Johnson Fund for Latin American and Caribbean Studies is open to undergraduate students registered at the University of Washington in any Latin America and Caribbean related courses, with priority given to LACS majors or minors.
  • The funds will be used to support costs related to travel, research and scholarly or  conference presentations related to Latin America and/or the Caribbean


Submission and Selection Process  

Applicants will be asked to submit the following materials:

1) Unofficial transcript

2) Most current CV

3) Statement of Purpose – (500 words maximum). This is a brief statement describing the activity being funded and its significance for advancing student’s academic and/or professional goals.

4) A letter of reference emailed directly to The letter should preferably be from a UW instructor, but letters from other sources will also be accepted.

A selection committee comprised of the LACS chair, a LACS faculty member, and a LACS student will select the Peter T. Johnson Fund awardees. The committee will base their decision on the scholarly merit, feasibility, and fit of the project with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program’s mission. The committee will determine the number of awardees and the amount of individual awards.

Questions?  Please contact