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Congratulations to our 2017 graduates!

June 13, 2017

The joyful week of commencement celebration marks the end of another academic year and provides a nice moment to take stock of what we accomplished as an intellectual community. We, of course, should begin by recognizing the 17 students who graduated in 2017 with degrees in Latin American and Caribbean Studies:

  • Shane Backman
  • Melissa Blue
  • Kyle Bowser
  • Barbie-Danielle Decarlo Hall
  • Margarita Elias
  • Miranda Jade Gentry
  • Danielle Lankhaaar
  • Hailey Luscher
  • German Mendoza
  • Daniela Palomino
  • Marcelo Ramirez
  • Leila Reynolds
  • Bradyn Rookard
  • Kevin Salyphod
  • Julissa Sanchez
  • Carmille Sasson
  • Brithni Urrutia


See “Transfer Spotlight: Marcelo Marco Ramirez” one of LACS 2017 graduates on the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Spring Newsletter!

¡Felicidades promoción 2017!