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Art, Migration, and the Borders of the Political: reflections on Hostile Terrain 94 and Free Them All: Portraits from La Resistencia

June 2, 2021


Free Them All: Portraits from La Resistencia and Hostile Terrain 94 are on view at the Henry Art Gallery as part of Art at the Borders of the Political, a multi- faceted project sponsored by the University of Washington’s Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities. The project centers the question of how art can effectively shape public engagement with immigration and border policies. During Fall 2020, we invited students enrolled in the project’s associated microseminar, led by Associate Professor Jose Antonio Lucero, to respond in writing to one or both of the installations. The only parameters provided for contributors were design restrictions and a limit of approximately 300 words.

In this interpretive guide, you’ll find poems, essays, reactions, applications, interpretations, and questions.

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