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2019 Dr. Clyde Snow Fund for LACS Recipients Report on Their Research in Brazil

April 17, 2020

SMEA Capstone Research Project – Brazil

As clients of the University of São Paulo’s Dr. Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger, this capstone work supported the emergence of a learning network in Brazil as part of the four-year Brazilian Oceanic Horizon campaign.

“Our project seek to connect and capacitate ocean resource experts, researchers, and community leaders to deliver collaborative management approaches that preserve and restore ocean services and amplify the voices and concerns of those who depend on critical marine resources. We interviewed ocean learning network participants on best practices, conducting a literature review on existing marine environment-focused peer-to-peer learning networks, producing a series of videos showing worldwide interpretation of conservation to facilitate discourse, and presenting our findings in Brasilia in December at a meeting hosted by the Brazilian Oceanic Horizon campaign.”

Watch their research presentation here:

School of Marine and Environmental Affairs Capstone Project
Students: Benjamin Kantner, Dave Berndtson, Henry Bell, Katy Dalton, Marlena Skrobe
Advisor: Patrick Christie
Client: Dr. Leopoldo Gerhardinger of PainelMar