West Coast Model European Union 2016

  • Date: March, 2016

From February 26th to 27th, 2016, over 50 students from 12 universities convened for the 12th annual West Coast Model European Union. On Friday night, the delegates were welcomed by Professor Reşat Kasaba, Director of The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Professor James Caporaso, our Jean Monnet Chair, then introduced Consul Robin Twyman, Business and Government Affairs, from the United Kingdom Government Office. Consul Twyman’s intriguing speech focused on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, garnering many questions from the attentive audience. Consul Twyman also addressed the real possibility of Brexit, the hot topic of the evening. The following opening plenary session was incredibly lively, with coalition blocs quickly forming.

Saturday morning, the Heads of Government/State, lead by the Brigham Young University Presidency Team, met to discuss the Refugee and Asylum Crisis in Europe while the Trade Ministers, led by the University of Washington Presidency Team, discussed TTIP. Reforming the Dublin Regulation, creating a collective quota system, establishing an investment court system, and removing tariffs and quotas were at the center of heated discussions. After much intense negotiation, consensus was reached in both rooms and resolutions were drafted and, eventually, passed.

Participants and advisers tagged their pictures with #WCMEU2016 to commemorate the conference.