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2018 Model EU Winners and Honorable Mentions

February 28, 2018

The 2018 West Coast Model EU was one of the most competitive in recent history. Students from across the country presented exciting and innovating ideas. See below for the list of winners of our most outstanding participants.

Outstanding Head of Government

Representing the Netherlands – Nick Salter, University of Oregon

Representing Ireland – Aidan Houston, Brigham Young University

Outstanding Agriculture Minister

Representing Slovakia –  Emma Carson, University of Idaho

Representing Hungary – Moira Louw, University of Victoria

Best Position Papers

Representing Sweden, Anna Barnes, University of Utah

Representing Luxembourg, Lexi Schmidt, University of Wisconsin Madison

For Outstanding Presidency

(L-R) Connor Whintey – University of Washington, Emily Laskowski – University of Washington;
Fernando Mercado – Brigham Young University, Hannah Pugh – Brigham Young University

Honorable Mentions

Representing Spain – Elijah Phipps, Lewis-Clark State College

Representing Sweden – Anna Paseman, University of Utah

Representing Cyprus – Lauren Caprile, Western Washington University

Representing Ireland – Kayla Huff, Brigham Young University