Instructional Materials

Below are instructional resources made available from affiliated faculty and students of the Canadian Studies Center. Additional resources can be found at the Arctic and International Relations Series site.

Featured videos and recordings from past events are also available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

February-March 2021 – K-16 The Arctic Today: Indigenous Peoples, Climate Change and the Environment Resource Guides
These five resource guides were created by the World Affairs Council, Seattle to accompany the K-16 workshop by the same name.
Inuit Homelands and Arctic Indigenous Peoples

November 2020- Curating the Conversation: Sharing Northwest Native Art and Art History with the
Video with Kathryn Bunn-Marucuse, Art History and Affiliate Faculty in Canadian Studies, Lou-ann Neel (Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw), and Evelyn Vanderhoop (Haida).

July 2019 – Report,  Social Science for the Salish Sea: An Action-Oriented Research Agenda to Inform Ecosystem Recovery
A transboundary team of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners to developed an action-oriented social science research agenda that serves the pragmatic ecosystem recovery needs of the region.

August 2015 – 2-Pager
Quick 2-Pager of information to learn about Canada here.

October 2013 – Canada and Arctic Fact Sheets
Our Pacific Northwest National Resource Center for the Study of Canada (NRC) published two educational “fact sheets” this month. “Canada” and “The Arctic World Region.”
Canada fact sheet
The Arctic World Region fact sheet

May 2011 – Métis, Mixed-ness and Music: Aboriginal-Ukrainian Encounters and Cultural Production on the Canadian Prairies
Video of the annual Canada-US Fulbright Lecture, part of the Jackson School’s Global Focus lecture series, given by the 2010-11 Canada-US Fulbright Chair, Marcia Ostashewski.

November 2010 – Teaching Globalization and Canadian Studies through the Media
by Rachel Dane-Poirier and Kristin Marciochi
Instructor Guide

June 2010 – Resources from the 2010 Summer Seminar: A World of Food: Growing It, Shipping It, Selling It, held on June 28–29, 2010.
“Waiter, there’s a GMO in my soup!” Powerpoint presentation by Branden Born
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Crop Production in Canada
Canadian Food Inspection Agency

June 2010 – “Northern Sovereignty and Political Geography in North America,” presented by Donat Savoie on behalf of Jean-Francois Arteau, Legal Counsel and Executive Assistant to the President of Makivik Corporation, on June 14, 2010 at the conference of the same title in Washingotn, DC.
Presentation paper

June 2010 – Video from Marine Conservation in the Pacific Northwest: Whales, Salmon, and Sound, presented by Rob Williams, 2009-2010 Canada-US Visiting Fulbright Research Chair.
Lecture recording 

May 2010K-12 National Directory on Canada (Preliminary Report)
This preliminary report, released May 18, 2010, provides information regarding how Canadian Studies has been and can be further integrated into K-12 classrooms in the United States. This report should be considered to be a snapshot of Canada in the US curriculum as of May 2010. For the most up-to-date information, each US state’s individual curriculum standards should be consulted.
K-12 National Directory on Canada – Preliminary Report

March 2010 – Resources from A Novel Approach to International Studies and the CBAs: Using young adult fiction to excite students in their research of Canadian historical events, all prepared by Kindra Kilgore, with inspiration from Katherine Schlick Noe’s and Nancy Johnson’s Getting Started with Literature Circles
Powerpoint presentation on Lit Circles 
Lit Circles Introduction Handout
Lit Circles Extension Activity Handout
Lit Circles Extension Rubric Handout
Canadian Lit Circle Ballot
Highlight and Revisit PPT presentation
Highlight and Revisit Form

February 2010 – From Igloos to the Internet: Inuit in the 21st Century
by Pita Aatami, President of Makivik Corporation

November 2009The Impact of Homophobia on LGBT Citizens Materials Packet
by Douglas Janoff, author of Pink Blood: Homophobic Violence in Canada
This packet includes the handouts for the roundtable, “The Impact of Homophobia on LGBT Citizens: A Canada-US Comparative Perspective,” held on November 17, 2009.
Powerpoint, prepared by Douglas Janoff
Reading List, prepared by Douglas Janoff
Online Reading Guide, created by UW Librarian Cass Hartnett from Douglas Janoff’s reading list (above)

October 2009 Québec Workshop for K-16 Educators Materials Packet
This packet includes handouts from the K-16 educator workshop, “Culture, politique et diversité du Québec comme sources d’inspiration dans la didactique de la langue française,” held on October 24, 2009.
Powerpoint on Québec nationalism, prepared by Thierry Giasson
Powerpoint on Québec popular culture, prepared by Thierry Giasson
Handout on web resources about Québec, prepared by Thierry Giasson
Handout on Who’s Who in Québec popular culture, prepared by Thierry Giasson
Handout on Québec popular culture, prepared by Thierry Giasson
Handout, “Pour mieux comprendre le quebecois,” prepared by Karen Boschker
Handout, “Quelques quebecismes,” prepared by Karen Boschker
Handout, “Dégénérations,” with blanks, prepared by Karen Boschker
Handout, “Dégénérations,” prepared by Karen Boschker
Handout, “La Réverbère,” prepared by Karen Boschker
Powerpoint on First Nations, prepared by Karen Boschker
Handout on First Nations, prepared by Karen Boschker
Suggested Website on First Nations
Reading Chart, provided by Karen Boschker
Handout on French-Canadian Call and Response Songs, prepared by Louis Léger

October 2009 – Nunavut Land Claim Materials Packet
by Terry Fenge, Ottawa-based Consultant
This packet includes the handouts for the roundtable, “Negotiating and Implementing the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement,” held on 21 October 2009.
Nunavut Map
Inuit and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, Terry Fenge, 2007-08
Implementing Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement, Terry Fenge, 2008
Nunavut and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, Barry Dewar, 2009

February 2009An Introduction to Canadian Music
by Erin Maloney, Graduate Student, Ethnomusicology and 2008-2009 FLAS Fellow
Article with a brief introduction to music across Canada.

October 2008The Trans-Pacific Y to Y: Pathways to Local to Global Learning
by Professors Thomas Hinckley and David RM Scott, College of Forest Resources
Power point presentation on various initiatives to involve students in cross-border study.

February 2007 – Beyond Borders: Regional Partnerships in the Pacific Northwest
by Dr. Sukumar Periwal, 2007-08 Canada-US Fulbright Visiting Chair