Center Videos and Media

Featured videos and recordings from past events are available on our YouTube channel. Be sure to check out our playlists to see videos from the Arctic and International Relations Series and the Jackson School of International Studies.

Center videos

Ice in Motion and the Performative Arctic Panorama

Recorded May 17, 2023

The Politics of Uranium Mining and Environmental Assessment in Nunavut

Recorded May 10, 2023

Future Perfect Ice: Colonialism, Futurity and the Anthropocene North

Recorded May 3, 2023

Diverse Labours on Northern Land

Recorded April 26, 2023

War and Energy: Mobilizing the Arctic Environment, 1938-1968

Recorded April 12, 2023

Shifting Arctic Dynamics: From Inuit in Canada to NATO

Recorded May 24, 2022

Climate Change Impacts: Indigenous Foods

Recorded May 4, 2022

The Health Network in Nunavik

Recorded May 2, 2022

Inuit Living and Thriving in Two Worlds

Recorded April 20, 2022

From Igloo to Internet: Working with Inuit Communities in the Arctic

Recorded April 13, 2022

The notes and photos referenced in this talk can be found here.

Considering the Cost: Settler-Involvement in Arctic Research and Employment

Recorded April 6, 2022

Evolution of the Arctic Council: In conversation with Rosemarie Kuptana, Franklyn Griffiths and Oran Young. Moderated by Tony Penikett.

Recorded February 24, 2022

Sharing Indigenous Knowledge Across Boundaries: Fishing Sovereignty in Alaska and British Columbia

Recorded November 16, 2021

Singing Sunjata’s Story in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: A Mali-Canada Musical Collaboration

Recorded May 14, 2021

Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry and the Legacy of Justice Thomas Berger: A Conversation with Whit Fraser, Stephen Kakwfi and Marie Wilson

Recorded May 12, 2021

Yáa at Wooné (Respect for All Things) film screening and discussion, with Louise Brady

Recorded May 5, 2021

Nested Federalism and Inuit Governance in the Canadian Arctic, with author Gary Wilson

Recorded April 23, 2021

The Lost Canadians, with author Don Chapman

Recorded April 9, 2021

The Climate Change Emergency and Gwitchin Leadership

Recorded February 9, 2021

Taika qimmikuluqaqtupit!

Inuktitut and Social Work: A Interview with Mick Mallon

Recorded May 2, 2019

Profiles of Perseverance and Success in Inuit Education: Focus Nunatsiavut
2020 UW Fulbright Canada Visiting Chair in Arctic Studies Annual Lecture

Recorded May 28, 2020

Cross Border Workshop – Part One: The Canada-U.S. Economic Relationship

Recorded April 27, 2020

Cross Border Workshop – Part Two: The Pacific Northwest Economic Region

Recorded April 27, 2020

Cross Border Workshop – Part Three: Cross Border Connections and the Cascadia Region

Recorded April 27, 2020