Canadian Studies Center and Polar Research and Policy Initiative Host High-Level Dialogue on Arctic Transportation

May 8, 2018

2018-04 Arctic Encounters5

Meet New Arctic Studies Minor, Betz Mayer!

May 8, 2018

Betz Mayer Updated

Carnegie Corporation of New York Grant Helps to Fund Inuit in Canada Policy

May 8, 2018


Seventeen-Part “Introduction to Inuktitut” Module Complete

May 8, 2018

Walter Inuk Module

Publications by UW Canada Fulbright Visiting Chair in Arctic Studies

May 8, 2018

Mark Mallory collecting eggs

Bonne Retraite to Former Canadian Studies Librarian, Linda Di Biase!

May 3, 2018

Linda Di Biase Retirement

A Sea of Change for the Inuit People of the Canadian Arctic

May 1, 2018

2018-03 Mary Cingcade WSCSS

Collaboration Mobility Research Award for the University of British Columbia and the University of Washington

April 17, 2018

Columbia Faculty Retreat

Meet New Arctic Studies Minor, Haleh Mawson!

April 17, 2018

Haleh Mawson