Undergraduate Minors

Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazillian Studies – Minor


The minor in Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazilian Studies combines language study in Portuguese with work in history, the humanities, and the social sciences. It provides an interdisciplinary understanding of the Portuguese-speaking countries, while focusing on Brazil. Themes include the African diaspora, education, economic development, popular movements, critical analysis, and race relations.

25 credits as follows:

  1. PORT 202 (5 credits), PORT 203 (5 credits), and PORT 301 (5 credits)
  2. At least 10 credits chosen from an approved list of courses*
  3. At least 20 of the 25 credits must be completed at the University of Washington (UW Foreign Study programs included).
  4. Minimum grade of 2.0 required in each course applied toward the minor.

*List of Approved Courses

JSIS A 243, JSIS A 410, JSIS A 365/PORT 365, PORT 366, JSIS B 436/POL S 436, HST/LAC 482, JSIS A 355/SOC 355.