Asian Studies – Major

Asian Studies – Japan Concentration

The Japan concentration combines language training with interdisciplinary study to give students a solid background in one or more areas of Japanese studies. Students are offered courses to an advanced level in the following: interdisciplinary studies, economics, business, political science, history, art, literature, and language. Advanced language training is available through the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama, of which the University of Washington is a sponsoring member.

Course # Title Credits Quarter
JSIS 203 or
JSIS A 207
Rise of Asia or
Asian Traditions
5 Autumn
Winter (sometimes)
JSIS 201 The Making of the Twenty-first Century 5 Winter or Spring
JSIS A 241 or JSIS A 242 Japanese Civilization or
Introduction to Contemporary Japan
5 Varies
2nd Asian Civilization Course One Asian Civilization course chosen from:
HSTAS 201, 202, 211, JSIS A 206, 212, 221
5 Varies
JSIS A 423 History of Modern Japan 5 Autumn
Japan Electives3-400 level Choose (3-400 level) to include: min. 15 cr. from Japan Social Science,and additional 10 cr. from Social Science or Japan Humanities/Arts & Literature
Japan Electives List
Current Quarter Courses
25 Varies
Research Paper Asian Research Paper written with Jackson School Professor 15 pgs.
Minimum Grade Minimum grade 2.0 in all courses applied to major.
Japanese Language Japanese Language proficiency through 2nd year college level or 3rd quarter of 2nd year college level.(For first- and second-year language courses, grades must average 2.00)
Total Credits (not including language):  50
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Japan Studies Courses

List A (Social Sciences)

List B (Humanities/ Other)

  • JSIS A 478 Readings in Social Sciences in Japanese 
  • ART H 315 Buddhist Art of East Asia 
  • ART H 318 Japanese Prints 
  • ART H 321 Arts of Japan 5, Max. 15 
  • ART H 419 Japanese Architecture 
  • ART H 420 Art of the Japanese Print 
  • ART H 421 Topics in Art and Visual Culture: Japan 
  • JAPAN 321 Classical Japanese Literature 
  • JAPAN 322 Modern Japanese Literature 
  • JAPAN 325 Intro to Japanese Cinema and Media 
  • JAPAN 360 Topics in Japanese Culture 
  • JAPAN 361 Topics in Japanese Cinema and Media 
  • JAPAN 431 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature 
  • JAPAN 380 Contemporary Japanese Art and Society 
  • JAPAN 432 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature 
  • JAPAN 433 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature 
  • JAPAN 460 Topics in Japanese Popular Culture and Literature 
  • JAPAN 431 Advanced Topics in Japanese Popular Culture and Literature 
  • JAPAN 473 Readings in Classical Japanese Literature 

One of the following:

  • ART H 204§ Survey of Asian Art 
  • ASIAN 202§ Literature and Culture of Japan: Traditional Japan 
  • ASIAN 205§ Literature and Culture of Japan from Trad. to Modernity 
  • JSIS A/HSTAS 241†§ Japanese Civilization 
  • JSIS A 242†§ Introduction to Contemporary Japan 

†if not taken for the Japan Concentration’s core requirement

§ A maximum of 5 credits of lower-division coursework (200-level) may be counted in the “LIST B” section of the Asian Studies-Japan Concentration.

Japan Studies Minor Elective Lists

Japan: History/Social Science

Japan: Arts/Literature

  • ART H 204 Survey of Asian Art 
  • ART H 318 Japanese Prints 1600-Present 
  • ART H 321 Arts of Japan 
  • ART 419 Japanese Architecture 
  • JAPAN 321, 322, 323 Japan in Literature I, II, III (5, 5, 5) 5, 5, 5