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Zero by 2030

An Evaluation of USAID's Role in Ending Extreme Poverty

Task Force 2014

Zero by 2030



Faculty Adviser

Anand Yang

Anand Yang


Task Force

  • Amy Marie Barbour
  • Cole Bazemore
  • Blake Cizek
  • Elli Novatcheva
  • Annah Mwendar
  • Vanessa Aflalo
  • Carly Backman
  • Grace Campbell
  • Sam Capeloto
  • Kelli Clark
  • Nora Elgabalaway
  • Emily Gonzales
  • Lea Hamp
  • Stephanie Healow
  • Caleb Smith
  • Harrison Warner


This Task Force report will tackle the immense, but clearly attainable goal of eliminating extreme poverty by 2030, addressing the ways in which USAID is working to end extreme poverty around the world. Through research and analyses, it offers policy options and recommendations to strengthen current programs. This report will delve into the sectors of Health, Food Security, Agriculture, Climate Change, Education, Gender, Disaster Management, and Economic Development and Innovation to assess ways in which extreme poverty can best be eliminated.

Policy Recommendations:

Health: Integrate different healthcare initiatives to increase efficacy
Women’s Empowerment: Increase women in leadership roles at both bureaucratic and community levels
Education: Increase access to education in rural areas by expanding formal and non-formal education projects
Food Security and Agriculture: Expand and duplicate Feed the Future targets into countries facing severe food insecurity, while connection these targets to the impacts of climate change
Disaster Relief and Conflict: Channel funds of Disaster Risk management into the most vulnerable countries
Economic Development: Strength regional economic cooperation

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