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Writing about Religion, Freedom and the Public Sphere

December 6, 2021

Are you a graduate student whose work touches on religion?  Do you want to hone your public writing skills and share your knowledge with wider audiences?

This Winter you can join a unique graduate writing seminar devoted to workshopping your writing and building a portfolio of public scholarship that will serve you as you move forward in your graduate studies and careers beyond graduate school.

This is not your typical graduate seminar. A Calderwood Seminar on Public Writing is more like a creative writing workshop, only you write about your scholarly work and interests, shaping this for short-form public scholarly readers.

Write the world you want to see!

If you are interested in learning more, you can peruse the current syllabus here:

You can also reach out directly to Professor Novetzke if you have any questions:

A Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing with Christian Lee Novetzke

Course Number: RELIG 590A

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