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Re-evaluating U.S. trade relations with the Asia-Pacific region

Task Force


Joe Massey, Ph.D.

Founding Director of the Center for International Business at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business; former Assistant U.S. Trade Representative

Faculty Adviser

Marie Anchordoguy

Marie Anchordoguy


Task Force

  • Megan Arnold
  • Arjun Bedi
  • Sonora Hetrick
  • Gavin Hashimoto
  • Sonora Hetrick
  • Esther Lee
  • Henry Mullin
  • Tiffany Nakamitsu
  • Rachel Roberts
  • Koki Sato
  • Jinyong (Jacob) Um
  • Sui Yan (Angela) Wong

This Task Force will write a report advising the U.S. Government on how to best deal with U.S. trade imbalances with Asia-Pacific Nations, especially China and Japan. The U.S. government pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, but the other 11 countries completed the agreement without the U.S. President Trump once mentioned perhaps we should try to join TPP again, but then dropped that idea. Should the U.S. try to join TPP? Should it try to make bilateral trade agreements with our Asian neighbors (we already have one with South Korea)? The government has put tariffs on many Chinese exports and is threatening higher tariffs on even more goods, perhaps on all Chinese exports to the U.S. It has slapped tariffs on Japanese steel and is threatening major tariffs against Japanese cars and auto parts. What are the likely effects of these policies? Are they likely to help or hurt the U.S.? Are there more effective policies to help alleviate the intense trade friction now occurring with our Asian neighbors? Click HERE to access report.

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