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U.S. Policy Toward Iran After the Nuclear Deal

Task Force 2016

Task Force 2016 group U.S. Policy Toward Iran
U.S. Policy Toward Iran after the Nuclear Deal


Christopher Backemeyer

Principal Deputy Coordinator for Sanctions Policy, Department of State

Faculty Adviser

Adam Smith

Task Force

  • Kara Carlstrom
  • Sophie Dalton
  • Matt Cameron
  • Annie Fadely
  • Gabriela Gorun
  • Selena Skalisky
  • Derek Marion
  • Benjamin Hammond
  • Spencer McCanward
  • Sarah Meanwell
  • Lyndall Bervar
  • Robbie Ellenhorn
  • Drew Torrey
  • Iman Aziz Akhtar
  • Klara Shepherd
  • Madina Hussaini
  • Sophie Moore

In the wake of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the United States has an opportunity to pursue policies that will both contain the worst of Iranian behavior and transform Iran into a positive actor in the Middle East and the world. With this in mind, our Task Force has identified a number of policies, ranging from stopping terrorism to developing Iran’s economy, that the U.S. should pursue.


Enforcing Nuclear non-proliferation, Fighting   terrorism, and Promoting stability:

The U.S. must work with Iranian leaders to contain the worst of Iranian behavior by pursuing the following policies regarding its nuclear program and neighbors:

  • Nuclear Program: Aggressively enforce the JCPOA and sanction Iran if it continues to grow its ballistic missile program
  • Israel: Affirm support for Israel against Iranian aggression in international forums and implement the Arab Peace Initiative
  • Arab States: Push for improved dialogue between the Arab States and urge continued support for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
  • Terrorism: Impose additional multilateral sanctions should Iran increase sponsorship of terrorist groups, focusing on Hezbollah and Hamas


OPPORTUNITIES: Our Task Force has identified four main areas in which to work with Iran in hopes of creating a brighter future for the Middle East: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and economic growth.

  • Syria: Include Iran in negotiations between the Syrian government and the opposition
  • Iraq: Pursue the mending of relationships between Iraqi Sunnis, Iranian leaders, and the Iraqi government in order to prevent Sunni support for Daesh
  • Afghanistan: Work with Iran to provide more humanitarian aid in hopes of stopping the flow of terrorism between the two countries
  • Economics: Drop sanctions dependent on positive Iranian actions. Establish foreign exchange and sister city programs to improve U.S.-Iranian relations


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