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Removing the rose-colored glasses: Resetting U.S. – Turkey relations

Task Force 2019


Amanda Sloat

Robert Bosch Senior Fellow - Foreign Policy, Brookings, Center on the United States and Europe

Faculty Adviser

Resat Kasaba

Reşat Kasaba


Task Force

  • Erika Arias
  • Danyun Chen
  • Hanna Dudsic
  • Isaac Grams
  • Oliver Lang
  • Olga Laskin (Editor)
  • Chloe McFall
  • Elda Mengisto
  • Caroline Overstreet
  • Thomas Pham
  • Caylyn Rich
  • Sydney Ward

As a long-standing ally of the United States and a member of NATO, Turkey worked closely with its American and European partners throughout the Cold War and later. In recent years, however, this relationship has deteriorated significantly. Turkey and the U.S. are on different sides of the civil war in Syria, Turkey is interested in strengthening strategic ties to Russia, an American pastor has been detained in Turkey on trumped up charges of supporting terrorism, and a significant number of Turks are starting to express strong anti-American sentiments.  After enjoying universal support and admiration as a prospering democracy, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party are moving in an authoritarian direction and Turkey is now dealing with a severe economic crisis. This Task Force will examine the connection between internal and external factors that have contributed to the shift in Turkey’s domestic and international priorities and explore the different ways in which the U.S. might relate to Turkey under these new circumstances. Click HERE to access report.

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