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Humanitarian aid under stress: Assessing the role of NGOs

Task Force 2019


Colin Thomas-Jensen

Senior Advisor WestExec Advisors, Foreign policy leader with 20-years experience shaping responses to security, human rights, and humanitarian challenges

Jackson School Lecturer Mark Ward.

Faculty Adviser

Mark Ward

Task Force

  • Azelle Bahadory
  • Carly Bainbridge
  • Mia Bodell
  • Katherine Davis
  • Megan Freney
  • Emily Laskowski
  • Aaron Long
  • India Miller
  • Olivia Pingul
  • Gretchen Price
  • Molly Steindorf
  • Maya Sullivan
  • Binh Gia Truong
  • Riley Wigen
  • Thomas Zech

This Task Force will examine humanitarian aid in the Post-9/11 world where long-held humanitarian principles are challenged every day by facts on the ground. Task Force members will wrestle with issues of independence from donor country agendas, how to interact with armed groups (state and non state), where and when to respect host state sovereignty and coping with security challenges when delivering aid across front lines. Click HERE for full report.

Mark Ward is Career Minister in the Senior Foreign Service. He led U.S. Government humanitarian responses to several natural and man-made disasters from 2004 to his retirement in 2017.

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