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The end of democracy?: Global trends in democratic erosion and cases of persistence

Task Force 2019


Yascha Mounk

Lecturer on Government at Harvard University; Senior Fellow in the Political Reform Program at New America; Executive Director at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Faculty Adviser

Robert Pekkanen

Robert Pekkanen


Task Force

  • Spencer Babineau
  • Brielle Barrett
  • Daniel Green
  • Danielle Hamer
  • Yuli Huang
  • Leeanna Hunt
  • Benjamin Kriesberg
  • Kairui Liang
  • Isabel Nelson
  • Nicole Seligman
  • Eric Westergard
  • Lisa Yoshida
  • Akira Uchiyama

Is democracy “over”? Around the world, established democracies are said to face “deconsolidation” or “erosion.” In other words, democracies seem a lot less stable and even less democratic. Separating rhetoric from reality and evaluating the substance of these claims is a core objective of this task force.  The task force will also evaluate perceived causes of democratic erosion, including the splintering of political parties, weakening of democratic norms, the rise of populism, and media transformation. Click Here for the full Task Force report.

Notional Client: Government (US, Canada, other); NGO

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