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Task Force Student Q&A: Grace Ginther

April 10, 2024

Grace Ginther

Grace Ginther

In winter quarter 2024, 50 international studies and global and regional studies students plus two other Social Science majors completed the Jackson School’s Donald C. Hellmann Task Force Program, a capstone course that involves eight weeks of research, writing and group collaboration on a current global issue. Student-led and guided by faculty, the program culminates during Task Force Evaluation Day, when each Task Force presents to an external, senior-level foreign policymaker.

Name: Grace Ginther
Expected to graduate in: Spring 2024
Major: Global and Regional Studies
Task Force Title: Averting War: Taiwan and U.S.-China Relations
Task Force Instructor: James Lin
Hometown: Seattle, WA 

What has been your favorite Task Force experience?
My favorite Task Force experience was collaborating with our team twice a week and coming up with ideas for our project. The Task Force project embodies the idea of teamwork, and it was a joy to work with every individual in my group. Showing up to class every day and getting to work with a positive group made the project feel so much lighter.

What skill do you think the Task Force program gives you? 
I think that Task Force has given me better skills of collaboration, research, and writing. I especially think the skill of collaboration has been very important and my group did an excellent job of dividing up work and peer editing each other’s writing. I have also learned how to be patient to achieve a long-term goal. It took a lot of revising and editing which was so worth it in the end. It taught me to not rush when researching and writing to create a better outcome.

What is your advice to students interested in majoring at the Jackson School?
I have learned so much during my time as a international studies major. My biggest piece of advice would be to take the diverse range of classes which Jackson School has to offer. Obviously, there are many niche subjects within international studies and by taking a diverse range of classes you can figure out what you are passionate about. This will also help when choosing a Task Force project because the Jackson School offers a range of different options to choose from.